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Are you already using Cloud Service? Whether it’s AWS, Huawei Cloud, or Google Cloud, PAM is always ready for you to get up and running quickly. And most importantly, do it yourself and right away. Right now!
What is
As today’s marketing has almost completely moved into the digital world, PAM is designed to assist marketers in almost every dimension. Not only a customer data platform, but it’s also an e-Commerce platform that lets you manage your store, and the coupon portal that helps you create promotional campaigns more effectively. Most importantly, when everything runs under the PAM system, not only you can easily manage things in the same place, but the customer data will be systematically gathered and analyzed with maximum efficiency.
Marketing Automation
PAM can help marketer do their everyday tasks easier & automate. To increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster. PAM will collect & analyze customer data, and send the ‘right message’ to the right channel at the ‘right timing’ to engage with customers.
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Initiating an online store is very easy nowadays. But not that you can manage the store as you wish, transaction data may not be of all yours. PAM can help with this. Allowing you to customize your online shop in the way you want, the order system that supports multiple shipping and payments, and most importantly, you own all your store transaction data.
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Coupon Portal
PAM’s Coupon portal can create a wide variety of promotions, delivers them through marketing automation to bring customers to your online or on-ground store, and also collects all data throughout the campaign. So you can measure and analyze the success of the campaign as accurately as possible.
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Customer privacy is the top priority for businesses to take care. PAM can help you manage customer data, set access rights, and everything needed to protect your customers’ valuable information.
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PAM was established and developed from a vision of deep tech marketing as its core engine which will deliver unprecedented efficiency and create a market advantage opportunity for businesses. We passionate to support businesses of all sizes to compete in the borderless market. And keep up with the changes in technology that occur almost every day
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